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How can a driving lessons benefit you?

Red Hill Driving school Safe Wheelz only works with the best driving instructors in ACT, no matter what level you are at with your driving skills. Whether it’s your first driving lesson or you are preparing for your driving test and want to pass in one go. we can deliver your dream into your hands. Red Hill driving learners can now book easily online and choose your local instructors in Red Hill.

Learning to drive with the help of an Red Hill driving instructor helps you build your confidence and driving skills to keep you safe on the road. With the help of your instructor, you’ll learn how to avoid dangerous on-road situations, get insights into ACT road rules, and enhance your knowledge of safe driving.

You’ll also get professionally structured lessons instruction. Your driving instructor can work with you to improve weak areas of your driving, which keeps you safe and uplift your confidence to pass your driving test on the first attempt.

It doesn't end here, your hours with your instructor will also count toward your logbook at a 3:1 ratio of up to 10 hours, meaning you can get 30 out of 100 required hours of driving time with just 10 hours with our Red Hill Driving School

Local Driving Instructor Near Red Hill

Are you looking to book your driving lessons in Red Hill with an experienced instructor? book and choose your local instructor in Red Hill online with our driving school Red Hill. We cater not only for young learners but also for mature learners, students, visitors, and learner with special needs. Whether you’re just starting, or you’ve filled out your logbook and are nearly ready to take your driving test, we’re here to help you pass your driving test first go

Services We Offer In Your Area
  • Government Test Preparations

  •  Logbook Based Driver Training & Assessment 

  • Test day services- Hire a vehicle - Lessons before test

  •  Refresher lessons for All Age Drivers

  •  Overseas licence lessons

  •   Automatic Driving Lessons 

  •  Manual Driving Lessons

  •  Heavy Vehicle Training & Assessment

Benefits Of Learning With US
  • Get Confidence driving on the road 

  • Learn driving skills to pass the test and become a safer driver for life 

  • Get 3 bonus logbook hours for 1 hour with an instructor- *Only for the first 10 hours with a driving instructor*

  •  Learn through structured lessons years of experience 

  •  Picked up and dropped off from home/school/work

Book driving lessons with Swheelz Driving School in Red Hill

Book Driving Lessons Online

Safe wheelz Red Hill Driving school has made it easier than ever to book a driving lesson. Now you can book your Driving lessons in Red Hill online as well as by phone or text.

Experienced Driving Instructor In Red Hill

Safe Wheelz Red Hill driving school with years of experience, you can expect a quality structured driving lessons with your Red Hill local driving instructors

Free Pick up & Drop off

Safe wheelz Red Hill driving school has made it easier for Red Hill learners to choose pick up & drop off location for their driving lessons in Red Hill

Govt Test Preparation

Safe wheelz Red Hill driving school offers lessons to learners for Govt test preparation and make you ready for passing your test First Go!

Safe Modern Cars

Safe wheelz Red Hill driving school only uses Vehicles with 5star rating. For your Safety Driving lessons must be conducted in safe and modern cars  *Safety Matters*

Qualified local Instructor

Safe wheelz Red Hill driving school Instructors hold required qualifications & Wwvp cards. Quality, safe, & Professionally structured driving lesson in Red Hill Guaranteed.


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One of my friend referred me to Safe wheelz driving school, I didn’t regret it at all. I absolutely loved the guidance I have got from the instructor here. Specially Manni, His method of teaching really helped me overcome all the difficulties i was having while driving. Maani pays attention to detail and teach you in depth. Very calm and cooperative. Also, Anwar I had him few times while Maani was away. He is very good too, he give constructive feedback ongoing with the lesson. He is pretty chilled and teaches very well without putting pressure. Both are excellent in their work. They will guide on right path, will give advice if needed and will answer all the questions related to confusion in driving or following rules. I would highly recommend to beginners or overseas licensed holder. Basically anyone who wants to learn driving with right guidance and knowledge expertise.


  • When should I book my first driving lesson?
    Learner driver should book their driving lesson as soon as they get their learners licence, driving lessons are most effective when you are new to driving, you can develop correct and safe driving habits.
  • Should I learn to drive in automatic or manual?
    Safe Wheelz driving school canberra suggests learning the transmission that your are most comfortable with. If your family car is automatic then you may not have access to manual car at home. we suggest you book automatic driving lessons. But on the other hand if you can get manual drivers licence it will allow you to drive any transmission
  • What do I need to bring to my driving lesson?
    First of all make sure you know the road rules, once you know the road rules head over to the Road Ready Centre in Canbeera to sit your learners test. To find out more visit - Once you have passed your learners test visit your nearest Access Canberra office to recieve your learners permit and your log book. Every time you come for your driving lesson please bring along your ACT drivers licence and log book, instructor will add notes of learning into your logbook at the end of each driving lesson.
  • How many driving lessons should I book?
    Everyone's journey is different and safe wheelz understands that everyone learns at different speed, Regardless of your stage in learning with our professional instructors you will need less lessons compared to other competitors
  • How many driving hours do I need in my logbook?
    All ACT learners must achieve thier required hours under the new rules implemented in jan 2020. For learner driver aged 25 years or over 25 years must complete 50hrs on logbook including 5hrs at night . For the learner driver aged under 25 must complete 100hrs including 10hrs at night. Book your driving lesson today with safe wheelz to start ticking those required hours, Remember first 10 hours with professional driving instructor will add bonus 20 hours on your log book
  • Does safewheelz instructors have dual control in their vehicles?
    Yes, all our vehicles have dual control installed in them, we understand our responsibilty and obligation to make sure your learning is safe and comfortable.
  • Where and when Safe Wheelz provide driving lessons?
    Safe wheelz driving school instructor are available throughout canberra from 7am till 8pm monday to sunday .Night hour lesson can also be arranged with our instructors. check out our driving lesson packages.

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