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Novice Driver Training Canberra by Safe Wheelz School

Safe Wheelz School provides Novice driver training in Canberra to enable novice drivers to develop their driving skills and experience gradually. Book Novice driver training in Canberra after applying for a learner driver license.

Requirement to obtain a Learner licence 

The requirements to obtain a learner driver licence are:

  • the applicant be at least 15 years and nine months of age

  • have successfully completed a Pre-learner Licence course, including passing the ACT Road Rules based computerised knowledge test.

The Pre-learner Licence course is provided by most ACT schools free of charge as part of the Year 10 curriculum. It is also available from various training providers within the ACT. For training providers visit our related resources page.


To undertake a practice knowledge assessment please visit the Safe Plates Testing website.

Once you have completed the requirements, you must attend an Access Canberra Service Centre location to apply for the issue of your learner licence.


The following is required to successfully process your application, you must:

A statutory declaration may be accepted to confirm proof of residency, where the client is:

  • obtaining a learner licence for the first time

  • is under the age of 18, and

  • is living with a parent or person who can demonstrate legal guardianship.

If your application is successful, your new learner licence will be mailed to your nominated postal address and a learner licence pack will be supplied to you. Please allow up to 21 business days for delivery. If you have not received your licence in that time, please contact 13 22 81.

Once you have your learners licence you can book novice driver training in Canberra with us online and start learning with your local instructor in Canberra

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