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Personalised Driving Lessons Canberra Available !

Safe Wheelz School provides training for:

  • Cert IV transport & logistic students 

  • Driving Instructors

  • Learner licence  drivers  

  • Truck licence training & assessment 

We offer driving lessons for adults who are beginning or who just need some more practice to build up his/her confidence. Our courses offer novice training in the fundamentals of driving skills, knowledge of driving strategically in traffic, a review of basic laws and rules of driving, as well as instruction in freeway driving and emergencies.


As an example, the refresher course is the 4-6 hours lesson, behind-the-wheel. This package is ideal for an adult that wants a refresher on driving. Additionally, there is also the option of taking just one driving. If you decide to continue with more than one lesson, you can upgrade to a larger package by paying the balance of the larger package. You are in control of the lessons you choose to take. Whether you take one or twenty lessons, we are at your service. We have no contracts to sign.

In order to assist you in getting your ACT driver's license, you are welcome to use your own vehicle. Since you are already comfortable and familiar with the traffic in your vehicle, you are more likely to pass your test on the first try. 


Now that you have the facts, please give us a call and schedule one lesson to see how you like us. We are looking forward to serving you and thank you for choosing Safe Wheelz Driving School!

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