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Canberra driving school. Getting a licence is an important milestone toward adulthood. Learning to drive is an exciting time, but please remember it’s also a time of great responsibility. Getting behind the wheel brings great freedom and independence, but you should always remember that driving is a privilege, not a right. A lot of responsibility comes with a driver's license. You have to drive safely, obey the traffic laws, and respect the rights of other drivers. Passengers in your car put their safety in your hands and expect you to drive safe as well. Get trained with an experienced and professional driving instructor in Canberra Safe Wheelz Driving School Canberra offers flexible driving lesson times, innovative techniques, and fresh methodologies. But at the core of our mission, lies our commitment to providing an engaging, respectful and rewarding learning environment

Our methods

  • Safe Wheelz  Driving School Canberra is the best Canberra driving school talks about & has designed professionally structured driving lessons for Canberra learners that are enjoyable and easy to understand for Canberra learners. It is one of the most efficient, fast, and successful methods of learning how to drive safely in Canberra as stated by our student's testimonials.

  • Our teaching techniques take into consideration students' pace and experience. We spend as much time as needed to build our student's knowledge, skills, and confidence. We teach our learners not only how to pass a driving test but also how to become safe and competent drivers for life.

  • Our unique approach, together with our highly professional  Canberra instructors, makes SWDS one of the best driving schools in Canberra, after completing 10 hours of professional driving lessons with our experienced instructors can add 20 hours to your logbook, and then every additional hour is added as one hour.

  • Safe Wheelz Driving school  provides driving lessons in Canberra  not just only to  young learners, we also cater for mature learners, learners with special needs,  local students, visitors, overseas students who require driver license conversions 

Ready to Book  
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Easy Online Scheduling

Safe wheelz Driving school Canberra has made it easier than ever to book a driving lesson. Now you can schedule your lessons online as well as by phone or text.

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Behind The Wheel Test Preparation

Safe wheelz driving school Canberra offers lessons to learners for  Govt test preparation and make you ready for passing your test First Go!

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Years & Years Of Experience

Safe Wheelz driving school Canberra with years of experience, you can expect a quality structured driving lessons with our Canberra driving instructors