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What Learners and Parents say about safe wheelz driving school Canberra

Joe - teacher at ANU

Very impressed by Safe Wheelz Driving School. I took five lessons with safe wheelz  at the end of 2020 as I attempted to complete my log book assessment. I had five previous lessons with another instructor from another driving company. The difference between the two was night and day. Mani is a clear communicator who knows his stuff. He knows what is important about safe driving and he doesn't get bogged down in needless driving instruction. He is the guy who teaches many of the other instructors from the other companies. I learnt things that I should have already learnt from my first five lessons
Now that I have got my Ps, I won't be in need of Mani's services again, but I will definitely be recommending them in the future.

Louise - mum

Safe wheelz  instructors  are very professional and caring and I was confident in safe wheelz providing the skills and knowledge for my daughter to be a confident and safe. I would highly recommend safe wheelz for any learner driver experience. Thank you Manni for all you have done for my daughter, she is now happily driving herself and I am happy that she has the skills to be safe on the road for both herself and others.

Carol- mum

safe wheelz instructor  was a very calm and professional instructor for my son. He built a good rapport and my son learnt a lot of good skills which instructor explained well using videos to help show what he meant. Manni was easy to contact and sms reminders were helpful. Recommended.

Kathyrn- student at ANU

I just got my provisional licence last week thanks to safewheelz. Great service, great instruction and you finish your journey feeling confident that you can safely drive on your own. Would definitely recommend x


driving school act

One of my friend referred me to Safe wheelz driving school, I didn’t regret it at all. I absolutely loved the guidance I have got from the instructor here. Specially Manni, His method of teaching really helped me overcome all the difficulties i was having while driving. Maani pays attention to detail and teach you in depth. Very calm and cooperative. Also, Anwar I had him few times while Maani was away. He is very good too, he give constructive feedback ongoing with the lesson. He is pretty chilled and teaches very well without putting pressure. Both are excellent in their work. They will guide on right path, will give advice if needed and will answer all the questions related to confusion in driving or following rules. I would highly recommend to beginners or overseas licensed holder. Basically anyone who wants to learn driving with right guidance and knowledge expertise.


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