Automatic/Manual Driving Lessons in Canberra

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Whether you are looking for automatic driving lessons in Canberra or manual driving lessons in Canberra, Safe Wheelz School provides all types of driving lessons.

1. Automatic driving lessons in Canberra

Automatic driving lessons in Canberra, Safewheelz is Canberra's most experienced driving school, and we will instruct you how to drive an automatic car in Canberra. Our vehicles are kept in good working order for your convenience. Our professionals will make you feel at ease as you learn to drive on your own. With the right instruction, you'll be able to switch gears like an expert in no time.


2. Manual Driving Lessons in Canberra

Manual driving lessons in Canberra. Want to learn manual driving lessons? Learn Manual driving lessons with Canberra's most experienced driving school. We will teach you how to drive in manual mode. Our instructors are all professionals, and our vehicles are kept in good working order for your convenience. Pass a manual driving test with us. Book your driving lesson online with us now.

3. Government Test Preparation- pass first go

We recommend you book 2hr lesson that will cover 1-22 topics required to pass your Test. What to expect during this lesson?

  • This lesson helps build or refresh your knowledge of ACT road rules and driving assessment requirements to Pass your Test first go.
  • During this lesson, the competencies 1-22 will be discussed in detail, a professional demonstration is given where needed & thereafter your level of competency will be assessed against the ACT Road Rules
  • Learner will be given a copy of Mock driving Test result designed by safe Wheelz.
  • This lesson can be conducted in learner’s own vehicle if learner wish to do so.

4. Use our vehicle for Government Test

Option 1 – Use of car for government test only

  • Meet instructor at the testing centre
  • Book minimum 1.5 hr session

Option 2- 1hr lesson and use of car for test (highly recommended)

  • Book 2hr session for this service
  • Access Canberra does not supply the car for the test so you must supply one whether it's your own car or a car hired from a driving school.
  • The vehicle must be fully registered, clean and in a roadworthy condition, it will be checked before the test.
  • If you wish, we can even give you lessons in your own car.
  • An instructor could also meet you at Access Canberra one hour before your test and take you for a practice test as well as highlight the areas and help you improve any areas that requires improvement immediate.
  • Instructor can pick you up from home and drive to testing centre before test (drop off back to home not included)