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Driving in ACT or Canberra

One of the most interesting, and thus popular, ways to see Australia is on a road trip. There are many gorgeous road trip routes to choose from, whether you want to follow the coast or go on an outback adventure. There is this thing about driving in the ACT that driving gives you more freedom and a greater sense of security, allowing you to stay late at friends' houses, work nighttime shifts, or plan road vacations around Australia.

Driving in ACT or Canberra
Driving in ACT or Canberra

Despite these pros, your main concern when driving on Australian roads is that you'll occasionally drive out onto the wrong side of the road, allowing kangaroos to cross the road and getting a speeding ticket. Consider learning about the places you'll be visiting in Australia to make your road trip more enjoyable.

Rules for someone who is Relocating to the Australian Capital Territory

  • Driver license holders who are relocating to the ACT must get an ACT driver license within three months of moving to the ACT. This has been temporarily extended to six months due to the present health emergency.

  • If you already have a driver's license (other than a learner's permit) from another Australian state or territory, you can apply for an ACT license at an Access Canberra Service Centre for free.

Rules for someone who is Visiting the ATC

  • Visiting drivers are not required to obtain an ACT driver license as long as their foreign license is valid and their status as a tourist or visitor is not changed. A visiting driver is a visitor who comes to the ACT with no intention of staying. This includes the following:

  • Tourists, business people, people visiting friends or relatives, people studying or working temporarily in the ACT. This refers to the people whose intention is to return to their native state or country once their studies or employment are completed.

  • If you drive in the ACT with an overseas license, you must have the following:

  • Your foreign driver license is written in English;

  • Your international driving permit preceded by your foreign driver license; or

  • Your foreign driver’s license is not written in English accompanied by an official English translation of the license.

Driving in ACT or Canberra

Only if the international driving permit is accompanied by a foreign driver's license is it valid.

If you do not have an international driver's license and try to obtain one in Australia, you must apply through your state or territory motor registration and pass a series of examinations.

Keep in mind that every car must be registered with the proper state or territory motor registry while driving in the ACT. New car registration is included in the purchase price and is valid for one year after the purchase date and for second-hand vehicles, the seller must provide a car registration transfer form, which you must file with your state's or territory's motor register to prove that you are the new owner of the vehicle. Each year, renew your registration.

Wrapping up

People have previously overlooked the Australian Capital Territory, but that is no longer the case given that the territory has 140 vineyards, an expanding food scene with award-winning restaurants and coffee, and wildlife that people desire to travel around the world to see. It's excellent to obtain your ACT driver's license so that you can see for yourself the best of what Canberra and the surrounding locations have to offer!


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