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How many driving lessons one can take in a week

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

It is a universal truth that learning something new is quite difficult. The first few days, whether learning to play an instrument or learning a new language, will undoubtedly be intimidating. The same is the case when it comes to driving. You may face a lot of difficulty in the beginning and you might encounter different questions related to driving.

And one of those could be how many lessons per week is enough?

Due to a variety of circumstances, the answer to this question can vary, but the standard is two or three classes for one hour to three-hour per week can do, depending on the institution or instructor. It's also dependent on your schedule. Due to busy schedules, many people do not have the opportunity to take driving lessons regularly. But, in the end, two or three driving lessons will suffice.

However, if you are someone who is starting to learn driving then you should consider going for more than these hours. We would recommend 7 to 10 hours of driving instruction with an accredited driving instructor.

If you're a new driver with just a few driving experiences – such as you drove with a family member or friend – to perfect your driving skills and prepare for the roads, we recommend taking at least 5 to 7 hours of driving lessons.

Factors that may influence the number of driving lessons you required

● Age is a significant factor, It is thought that youthful minds adjust to new situations more quickly and easily, thus you will need fewer lessons to pass.

● Financial strain, Because driving lessons are not cheap, the number of classes you book will likely be determined by your budget. Also, if you're a student, inquire about discounts, as some driving schools and instructors provide special rates for students.

● The previous driving experience is also the most important aspect that might impact the number of driving lessons required. For example, if you had bad driving abilities in the past and now wish to rectify them, you will need to start from scratch, which would necessitate more lessons.

● Confidence, even if you are someone who has been on the road for many years but lacks confidence, then you should try again to join the driving classes, their instructor will guide you through every aspect again and you may realize where you are lacking.

● Be calm, always remember everyone has their own pace of learning, so make sure you understand what you've learned in your driving lessons, not just because you want to pass your driver's test, but so you can be a safe and competent driver.

Apart from the minimum need of 120 hours, there is no clear guideline as to how many lessons you must have. So, be sure to follow the instructions and consistency is the key to success.

Also, you'll make progress week after week if you have a skilled, experienced tutor. Safewheelz is one of them; our skilled professionals can assist you in becoming more at ease behind the wheel. You will be under the proper guidance of our experts who will supervise your driving skills and prepare you for the roads. To prepare for the road, enroll in driving lessons at best driving lessons Canberra Safewheelz.


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Truck license training in Canberra

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