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Safety Measures One Should Take While Using Phones in Australia

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Given the large choice of applications that are now readily available on your mobile device, and the resulting increase in notifications that appear up on your screen, the temptation to use a mobile phone is perhaps greater than ever. A call or text can cause even the most cautious drivers to get distracted. That split-second loss in focus while checking the notification could easily lead to a collision.

According to one study from the Harvard Center of Risk Analysis, cell phone usage while driving causes 6% of crashes, which translates to 636,000 crashes, 330,000 injuries, 12,000 serious injuries, and 2,600 deaths each year, costing $43 billion. Even many consider that the activity of using mobile phones is just as risky as driving while drunk.

Safety Measures One Should Take While Using Phones in Australia

Driving tips for using cell phones and other electronic gadgets safely.

You can always follow these guidelines if you are someone driving on the roads of Australia.

  • Be a pro at using phones:- Learn how to use your phone's features, such as speed dial and redial. Read your instruction booklet carefully and learn how to use the useful functions that most cell phones have, such as automated redial and memory. Additionally, practice memorizing the phone keypad so you can use the speed dial feature without taking your eyes off the road.

  • Hand-free devices:- Use a hands-free device whenever possible, there are a variety of hands-free cell phone accessories available nowadays. Take advantage of these gadgets if they are available to you, whether it is an installed mounted device for your cell phone or a speakerphone attachment.

  • Place your phone in a convenient location:- Place your phone in a convenient location where you can reach it without taking your eyes off the road. If you get a call at an inconvenient moment, let your voice mail answer the call for you.

  • So no to long conversation:- Conversations should be put on hold when driving under dangerous conditions or situations, make it clear to the person you're chatting with that you're driving. Suspend the call if necessary due to heavy traffic or bad weather. Rain, sleet, snow, and ice can all be deadly, but so can heavy traffic. Your first responsibility as a motorist is to pay attention to the road.

Laws in Australia

  • Using a hand-held mobile phone while driving is prohibited in all Australian states and territories. Talking, texting, playing games, shooting photos/video, and utilizing any other phone function are all examples of this. When your car is stationary but not parked, such as when you're stopped at a traffic light, it's also prohibited to use a hand-held cell phone.

  • It is even prohibited to have your phone in contact with any part of your body unless you are transferring it to a passenger.

  • Fully licensed drivers are permitted to touch a phone that is secured in a cradle that is fixed to the car for the purpose of using driving aids such as satellite navigation systems. Even if the phone is properly attached, restricted license holders such as Learners and P-Platers are barred from handling their phones for this purpose(Motorcycle riders with a full vehicle license are subject to the same mobile phone laws as fully licensed car drivers.)

Drivers who were found disobeying regulation will face a $484 fine and four penalty points on the spot. The use of a hand-held or hands-free mobile phone while driving is prohibited for learners, P1, and P2 drivers.

We agree with safety advocates who believe that phone use should be limited. Good tools can help you stay safe, but your own common sense is the most crucial tool in lowering your risk. “Focus on the road should be your top priority”.


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